What is regeneration in photosynthesis Regeneration

What is regeneration in photosynthesis

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Do not allow any animals you use for the tests to be come in contact with it either. In the absence of direct contact between these two tissues, the stump may not be able to give rise to the blastema cells required for regeneration. Operating at such a high power level results in damage to the reaction center.

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When a callus forms, some of its cells may organize into growing points, some of which in turn give rise to roots while others produce stems and leaves. These meristems are capable free comparative essays examples indefinite growth, especially in perennial plants.

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When planarian flatworms are cut in half, each piece grows back the end that is missing. The full reduction of plastoquinone requires the addition of two electrons and two protons, i. This affects the rate of the reactions in the Calvin cycle and therefore the rate of photosynthesis will be affected.

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Turn off the heat. Usually, this choice is made according to the molecules to be separated.

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Our knowledge of its structure is guided by the known structure of the reaction center in purple bacteria and biochemical and spectroscopic data.