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Dissertation chapter 4 5

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Those perspectives were identified as the civic-life sphere, the personal-life sphere, and the work-life sphere. Using this information, three clusters were formed mayan research essays initial respondent membership for each cluster was established. Show full item record Abstract This dissertation was the result of an investigation into the relative importance of construction as a curriculum organizer for the field of technology education.

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In particular, it concentrated on the relationship between construction technology and the principles of general education and technological literacy. After comparing the mean scores of the discriminating variables across the three clusters, one cluster was identified as favoring technological literacy, one favored industrial technology education, and one was ambivalent.

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One hundred and forty-eight faculty members of technology teacher education programs in colleges and universities throughout the United States were surveyed. This schedule was based on the relative importance assigned by the technological literacy cluster. Subsequently, discriminant analysis was used to accomplish three goals: The survey included four major sections in addition to requesting limited information about the respondents and their programs.

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T-tests were used to determine if any significant difference existed between clusters or groups.