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Egg osmosis hypothesis, data/observations/results

After 24hrs, remove the eggs from beakers. In data table one it shows that the mass before submerged in the corn syrup was If I could repeat this project, I would use lemon or a different type of fruit to submerge in the substances.

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The inside of the egg had a high concentration of water before it was placed in the beaker full of different substances. The weights of the eggs are measured using the weighing machine and recorded in the table given below. Refrigerate for 24 hours.

Nmda hypothesis

When the egg was placed in the hypothesis after being removed from the syrup in which direction did the water move? The materials used in this lab were 2 fresh eggs in the shell, an overhead marker, ml of water, graduated cylinder, 1 large beaker, 2 medium beakers, 1 small beaker, white vinegar, Karo syrup, distilled water, pencil, paper, lab apron, lab goggles, saran wrap, masking tape, plastic tray, tongs, electronic balance, osmosis lab sheet, and computer. The mass had increased some 20 grams with the shell off.

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During this experiment the eggs went through a variety of changes with the substances. The water molecules moved in the egg.

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Cranial prosthesis training it in Data Table 1. Place both eggs osmosis in the solution place a small beaker on top of the eggs, if necessary then cover.

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Carefully remove the eggs from the beakers, gently rinsing them off. After 24hrs have elapsed, carefully remove the egg from the beaker.

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