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She starts to make plans on what to do. My message is not that people with children and other responsibilities should throw everything away to go live in another country and leave everything behind.

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When God created man, he also created other living creatures and every living creature has their own right to be on this planet. While packing and shopping for the holiday in secret, she does not plan to shirley valentine essay for good, or to leave her home and husband helpless, so she prepares the house, so everyone is taken care of in the meanwhile.

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Shirley is still lonely even though she is sitting on the beach, like in Liverpool where she talks to the wall, in Greece she talks to the Rock, which is in a certain area of the beach, where Shirley likes to relax. Gillian makes Shirley feel like how she used to feel at school, marvellous.

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At the end of the play, Shirley and Joe are talking happily. Russell abbreviates the word voiceover, so it looks like VO.

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When she is about to phone Jane and tell her what has happened, the doorbell rings, it is Gillian. Stuck in both social and economic roles, in the beginning of the play she is the common housewife tasked with few things other than cooking, cleaning sample 5 paragraph essay middle school tending to her children. This gives her even more confidence to stay in Greece and work for Costas.

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